Your Radiant Self: Embodying The Sacred Feminine and Masculine Within

Krishna and Radha artwork by B.G. Sharma depicting the sacred masculine and sacred feminine. This dual gendered divinity are masculine and feminine aspects of the Absolute Truth. Sri Radha is the complete energy, and Sri Krishna is the complete energetic source. 

Free Report – Your Radiant Self

5 Week Online Program

Date: TBC

This is a journey of The Soulful Woman uniting with the Soulful Man.  A journey of  liberating ourselves through recognising that the sacred masculine and sacred feminine exists within ourselves. Our healing rests on our ability to recognise, embrace and embody healthier aspects of these energies within our own body our own psyches.

How do we carry the carry the wounded feminine and masculine within our own body?

  • all of us carry our deep feminine and masculine wounds to varying degrees. they can appear in armouring in our bodies, in blockages in or energy centres and our emotions. they can appear as inability to navigate ourselves in business, in our finances, around our leadership and boundaries.

How do we embrace the wounded masculine and feminine within?

  • all of us have a part that is crying out to be noticed, acknowledged and held. Sometimes this has been done in ways that have been destructive, hurtful and self sabotaging.
  • healing can occur when we turn to the higher aspects, sacred archetypes of the  feminine and masculine. These carry a powerful resonance of healing, love, kindness and compassion when we start to work with them and integrate them into our own lives. They offer guidance, inspiration and liberation from our own wounding in the masculine and feminine. 

When we start integrating Masculine and Feminine energies within we:

  • Find a great release, greater flow and activation of energy for creative projects, joy, self love and self expression.
  • Stand in our own self belief based on a foundation of trusting in our inner authority.
  • Recognise what it’s like to be loved, feel trust and safety, to feel cherished in our intimate relationships.
  • Start to an abundance that flows freely from an inner stream within. We recognise that our inner abundance carries the true meaning of the Midas touch. Our gold –  our awakening consciousness has a flow on effect touching all those around us and creating surprising synchronicities.
  • Embrace masculine and feminine as universal energies within each of us when worked with are healed aspects of our EMBODIED ONENESS. 

Our soulful journey into Wisdom, Empowerment and Balance draws on the teachings and wisdom of sacred feminine sacred masculine energies in our lives.

I am excited to share my latest offering focused on healing, integrating and balancing the sacred feminine and sacred masculine within. Our sacred union. To draw on creative projects, intimate relationship and abundance in our lives we need to start recognising these as energies in ourselves.  Our strengths and awakening consciousness has a flow on effect touching all those around us and creating surprising synchronicities.

Masculine and Feminine are not exclusively gender specific.  They are universal energies within each of us that appear dualistic but when worked with and integrated are healed aspects of our EMBODIED ONENESS. 

The Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine Energies

Sacred Feminine energies are embodied in receiving – the flow is INWARDS in order to nurture and replenish. It magnetises and draws in, it trusts in an inner knowing, in synchronicity for life to unfold. We might experience it as an inner YES and an outer NO.

Sacred Masculine energies are embodied in giving – the flow is OUTWARDS. To give, to take action, to be directive and directional, to protect outer boundaries, to plan and strategise. We might experience this as an outer YES and an inner NO.

Learning how to sense and know when your energy is drawing inward or flowing outward is part of conscious practice. From an embodied presence we start to enjoy our “Yes energy” and consciously choosing when we need to move into “No” energy.

As we deepen our in the inner flow of these two energies our sacred union starts to be experienced as a state of sacred androgyny.

Where you might experience imbalance in your life:

Ardhanishvhara – a composite male-female figure of the Hindu god Shiva together with his consort Parvati.

  • Do you find yourself getting stuck in the constant doing of masculine energy without even realising it? It can feel exhausting and often unproductive. A sense of constantly striving but not feeling you are getting very far. These may be times where you need to stop and take time inwards. To enter the feminine space of receptivity and BEING.
  • For many women, we can get caught in overdrive. Never allowing time for our own self care. Time to reflect, digest and replenish. BEING is an essential part of conscious manifestation.  
  • At times we can also get stuck in that state of inner reflection or dreaming and not DOING. We can find ourselves stuck in a rut of inertia, not knowing how to take ACTION around our ideas, dreams and intentions.  This is where we need to consciously choose to step into masculine energies.
  • You may be in an imbalance at those times where you wonder where all your money went. A sense of vagueness around your finances. Not feeling supported financially can leave us feeling vulnerable and insecure around moving forward in our life purpose. 
  • Keeping ourself feeling safe, protected and cared for is part of having a positive relationship with our inner masculine.
  • Sometimes we aren’t aware of an important boundary in our life until it’s been crossed.  Learning to know and TRUST where you need to say ‘No’ and ‘Stop’ is part of valuing your self worth. As we do so find this gets positively reflected in all our relationships. 
  • When we are feeling unsafe, stuck and unsupported internally it is very hard to blossom creatively.  It’s a learning process to recognise when we’re out of balance and draw on the energies of the  feminine and masculine in our lives. This is part of our SELF LOVE and EMPOWERMENT  in CONSCIOUS MANIFESTATION.

When You Join This Course You Will

  • Immerse yourself in the rich symbolism, wonderful blessings and wisdom of the Soulful Woman and Soulful Man.
  • Connect with the energies of the sacred feminine and sacred masculine to explore the depth of your own power, inner wisdom and fine tune your soul’s purpose.
  • Learn repeatable practices that connect you to your body as a reference point for clarity, trusting yourself and magnetising your intentions.
  • Have regular ongoing nourishing support and guidance to help release blocks around your self worth and empowerment.
  • Draw on the tactile, multi-dimensional aspect of weekly meditations and exercises that are grounded, embodied and draw on your lived experience.
  • Participate in grounded, heart-based sacred practices to be fully present and clear and help integrate the teachings from each week.
  • Find the energetic prompts and signals within you and around you that align you to synchronicities for abundance, healing, acceptance and self-love.

5 Week Program – Date TBC

Weekly meditations and sacred practice exercises coming into your inbox.

Weekly Zoom meetings for deepening embodied meditations and support on your soul path.

Exclusive Facebook Group for shared discussions, deepening intentions and integrating the teachings collaboratively.

Your Investment

$330 for 5 Weeks – Next date TBC


Here are some Testimonials from past participants of the Soulful Woman Online Program.

“There are layers of learning and wisdom and experience in this course. I loved the tactile, multi-dimensional aspect of it, not ‘head-y’ or ‘thinky’ but in our bodies. Heart-based practices, and the visual relationship with the cards helped me ‘own’ the experiences and integrate them into my days and weeks. I feel genuinely guided by this course. We were guided to the heights around us, and the energetic resonances we can draw on there, and this energy was grounded, in the cards, and in the no ‘BS’ attitude of Shushann, which I love. A little take-away for me is KISS. Keep it Simple Sweetheart! For our intentions, and remaining in the present tense and the witnessing. I will sing the praises of this online course, and highly recommend it to anyone wanting to nurture and express their soul.”

Dr Anna Cole

Certified Instructor Hand In Hand Parenting

“Shushann is a highly skilled facilitator,. Her deeply intuitive nature coupled with the Soulful Woman’s Guidance cards led me to an inner place of beauty and strength.”

Simone Jean Carter

About Shushann Movsessian

M.AppSci (soc.ecol),Dipl. Process Oriented Psychology.

Shushann has a private practice in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs as an experienced, holistic psychotherapist, soul path coach/mentor, retreat facilitator and teacher. We are each a Soulful Woman. A path of soul honours our sacred feminine consciousness and strengthens our collective foundation for a sustainable future. We each have a chord that connects us to Divine feminine consciousness. This is a connection of holding, embracing and instilling within each of us a consciousness of compassion, joy and wisdom. This wisdom is the knowing that everything comes from within. Our deepest purpose emerges from our soul path.

Over the last 28 years Shushann’s work has been about supporting and empowering women and men to create a greater balance in the expression of divine feminine energies in the their lives. Her training and experience draws on western psychology, a deep immersion in sacred feminine consciousness, eastern spiritual philosophy, mysticism and mind/body healing.

Shushann offers face to face, phone, Zoom and Skype sessions for holistic counselling, soul life coaching and supervision.

Your Investment

$330 for 5 Weeks


  • Weekly meditations and sacred practice exercises coming into your inbox.
  • Weekly Zoom meetings for deepening embodied meditations and support on your soul purpose.
  • Exclusive Facebook Group for shared discussions, deepening intentions and integrating the teachings collaboratively.

Cancellation Policy:
If a participant wishes to cancel their registration for the online program, they may do so at least 7 days prior to course commencement wherein a Notice of cancellation must be provided in writing (to This will entitle the participant to have their payment credited towards any future online programs or private sessions with Shushann Movsessian.  If a participant cancels a program and books a future program or session which is at a higher fee schedule, they agree to pay Shushann Movsessian the difference between the cost of the cancelled program and any future program or session.  Program fee will be forfeited for a Notice of cancellation sent less than 7 days prior to course commencement.