Shushann Movsessian invites you to 

The Deepening – The Soulful Woman 3 Month Online Deepening  of Wisdom, Nurturance and Empowerment

First  Zoom meeting will be held on 22nd April 2023  (all participants will need to have their own deck of The Soulful Woman Guidance Cards).

It is with great pleasure and joy that I invite you to continue your journey with me in exploring a qualitative shift in consciousness through the sacred feminine. The soul’s journey is about unity and wholeness which we may ultimately experience in our lives as joy, contentment, happiness, abundance, wellbeing and peace.

The Soulful Woman Deepening is offering gentle guidance and support in living a remarkable life, not because of material or outer success, but for the ability to cultivate embodied presence, loving kindness, wisdom and courage in the face of uncertainty, challenges, disappointments and deception. Much of what is going on in the world today: climate change, war, conflict, viruses are all a call for women to have a turn. To do it different. To use deep feminine wisdom as our guide for repair and healing.

“We are co-creators with the divine, not just in our own lives but enabling god to birth god’s self into the world through us.” – Ilia Delio

Why enter into a Deepening with the Soulful Woman?

The path of the sacred feminine is to recognise that our lives are interdependent with all that is. Women build community. We empower one another, we listen and ask questions, we hold space for each other when we are in pain as well as our joy.  Our action in the world is deeply informed through our intuition and insight that arises out of stillness, through recognising the voice of our inner authority and allowing ourselves to surrender to Mystery.

We learn to trust and embrace Mystery and the holiness of not knowing through our rituals and ceremonies, our journaling, our poetry, our meditations, our stillness, our time in nature, our artwork, music, movement. We take these understandings, our embodied healing and transformation out into the world to create a rippling effect of healing on this planet.

Mother of fairest love, of holy awe,

Of perennial wisdom, and of hope in the face of despair,

Teach me to love as you love:


Transmit to me the secret code that unlocks my opiniated mind and sets me free to play in the open fields of the heart.

– Mirabai Starr

The transformative journey into our wholeness is learning to be tender hearted towards that in you that hurts and recognising the Earth needs this also. Connecting to the depth of tender hearted compassion towards yourself opens you to the infinite tender hearted love and compassion of the Divine Feminine. 

Masculine spirituality has been largely about transcendence, rising up and out. It is a very vertical energy. The feminine is much more about embodiment and reclaiming your embodied experience as sacred.

“Feminine wisdom feeds the human spirit. The feminine mystic is not a lone wolf. When she hears the cries of the world she reaches out and grasps the hands of her sisters, gathers up her children, asks the blessings of her elders, kisses her lover and turns her kettle to simmer and rides straight into the arms of the mystery, where she will wait until it is clear what needs to be done.” – Mirabai Starr

Who is the Deepening For?

Any woman who is on a path of consciousness in her own healing and transformation journey through the sacred feminine. This is particularly a call to all you mystics, healers, teachers, light workers and carers who are working on healing in your families, communities and Mother Earth. The soulful woman journey is connected to the Universal Woman that lives in all of us. When you work with each of the soulful woman cards you are actively noticing how each new awareness allows you to be different.

My Design

Your monthly emails and monthly zoom meetings will be sent to you over a period of three months.  You don’t have to be present for the live meetings as recordings will be sent out after each meeting and accessed indefinitely.

 Once you have all the materials saved and stored you can go at your own pace and repeat your soulful woman journey as often as you want.

What is involved in our journey of Deepening?

  • Dancing with your Shadow – Getting to know the shadow aspects of the sacred feminine in ourselves. This is a vital step in our deepening process. Our exploration is in order to heal and make transparent areas where we self-sabotage,  are blocked or carry fear/distrust.  Our shadow work is necessary for purification, acknowledgement of power and integration. 
  • Creating your personal Sabbath day – resting, nourishment, invoking grace and creative manifestation through the sacred feminine.
  • Coaching and support in reading the Soulful Woman Guidance cards for yourself and each other during our 90 minute online group meetings. Deep dive into the symbolism of your chosen card.
  • In between each monthly meeting you have the opportunity to work one or two soul sisters for connection and exploration of exercises and practices.
  • Learning about the power of TRUST – the unexpected goodness at work in the world and how we are each co-creators of this goodness.
  • Using the Soulful Woman cards as portals for our own contemplation, prayer and entry into the numinous.
  • Drawing on the collective energy of the group to focus on magnetizing healing and creative shifts around our dreams and intentions.

“It turns out that when we altruistically focus healing intention for someone else, that intention is mirrored back to us. It truly is more blessed to give than to receive.” – Lynne McTaggart


Join The Deepening Today

There is the added option for participants to have individual soul coaching support with me during the three month period. These hourly sessions would be offered at a special reduced rate for program participants at AUD$150 per session.

3 Month Course

3 Month Course, Plus 1 x one to one soul coaching call

Cancellation Policy:

If a participant wishes to cancel their registration for the online program, they may do so at least 7 days prior to course commencement wherein a Notice of cancellation must be provided in writing (to This will entitle the participant to have their payment credited towards any future online programs or private sessions with Shushann Movsessian.  If a participant cancels a program and books a future program or session which is at a higher fee schedule, they agree to pay Shushann Movsessian the difference between the cost of the cancelled program and any future program or session.  Program fee will be forfeited for a Notice of cancellation sent less than 7 days prior to course commencement.