The Soulful Woman – 5 Week Online Course

Welcome to The Soulful Woman’s Expanding Consciousness, Wisdom and Empowerment 5 Week Online Course

Commencement Date: TBC

Calling all you who are mystics, space-holders, healers, light-workers, carers and creatives who long to nurture your own deep connection with the expanded consciousness of your higher self. Join us in our collective work in magnetising our intentions and co-creating a healing shift on our planet.

(Please Note You Don’t Need Your Own Deck of Soulful Woman Cards to participate in this program. A beautiful card image will be sent to your inbox at the start of each week)

The Soulful Woman Guidance Cards act as messengers and soul prompts  – activating your own intuition and imagination. Helping you tap into the power of your own Sacred Feminine Consciousness

Empowerment & The Sacred Feminine Path

Are you on a path of expanding your consciousness?

Are you seeking to live your life guided by your intuition, your deeper inner knowing?

Are there certain limited beliefs you still carry from your wounded self that create blocks in living your soul path?

Do you wish to learn about the ease and grace in the feminine law of attraction?

Do you wish to nurture your feminine soul with beauty, mysticism and grace?

Deep Self Enquiry with the 5 Week Online Program

Here’s What You’ll Receive

My online program draws on the wisdom and grounding of the Soulful Woman Guidance Cards to support you in conecting to your deepest inner knowing in all your life choices. To help you feel empowered around speaking your truth with clarity and dignity. To strengthen your innate capacity to attract that which you seek in your life.

Five Weekly Reflective Exercises and Sacred Practices 

Each week you will receive an email containing a beautiful card image with a meditation, sacred practices and reflective exercises for that week.  

(You don’t need to own your own deck of Soulful Women cards to participate in this program.)


  • Your weekly sacred practices and exercises are designed to embrace your creative expanded self and live this out in the world. 

Five 60 Minute Live Sessions with Shushann Movsessian

  • Each week we will gather together online for a live teaching session and guided practice in deepening your intuition and what it means to operate from the feminine power of attraction.
  • We will join like minded soulful women in creating a powerful vessel for healing and feeling our abundance, creative power and wisdom.  
  • Together we will form a conscious space for drawing on sacred feminine practices and principles that honour our expanded light, our radiance and courage.

Five Video Recordings Of The Class Sessions

  • After each Live Session, a copy of the video will be available for you watch again and again in your own time. You’ll never have to worry about missing a session, and you can listen anytime and anywhere — on any connected device and at your convenience.

An Online Community

  • Our exclusive Facebook online community is the perfect place to continue your discovery and integration process from each class. Here, you can continue to share your insights and ask questions from the weekly exercises and meditations as well as hone in on your  intentions.  This is a supportive space for sharing and deepening your thoughts and feelings.

“Shushan brings wisdom, insight, warmth and love into these weekly sessions. The use of the Soulful Women cards, with their accompanying guidance added a beautiful artistic image to the spiritual processes we were engaging with. I valued what other women shared about their lives, and for the opportunity to explore my own perceptions. A wonderful experience for all women engaging with exploration of their deep feminine soul. Highly recommended.”

Barbara Solarsh

“I really loved participating in the 5 week Soulful Woman program. I loved the way Shushann freely gave us so much of her knowledge and wisdom. I loved that there was always time to share our reflections and experience . Through this work Shushann has helped me get in touch with my inner resources and my inner knowing. The course was very well organised, it was a pleasure to take part. I would highly recommend attending a Soulful Woman course with Shushann.

Thank you again Shushann, I really did enjoy it.”

Amber Pike

When You Join This Course You Will

  • Connect to the deepest flame of your own authority to guide your life in the direction you are seeking. To fine tune your sould path and to discover it’s expression through joy and love.  
  • Learn repeatable practices that connect you to your body as a reference point for intuition, clarity, self belief and embracing your dreams and visions.
  • Have regular ongoing support and guidance to shift and lingering doubts, putting yourtself down, diminishing yourself around what makes your heart sing.  
  • Enter into a realm of creative resonance and draw on the power activated through the cards. 
  • Learn what it means to be fully present and in your body. 
  • Discover the joy of opening your consciousness to synchronicities that are aligned to abundance, love and creative expression,.

Your Investment

$330 for 5 Weeks

The Soulful Woman cards are your soul prompts in your own awakening consciousness, learning to trust your intuition and healing your feminine soul.


Here are some moreTestimonials from past participants of the Soulful Woman Online Program.

“There are layers of learning and wisdom and experience in this course. I loved the tactile, multi-dimensional aspect of it, not ‘head-y’ or ‘thinky’ but in our bodies. Heart-based practices, and the visual relationship with the cards helped me ‘own’ the experiences and integrate them into my days and weeks. I feel genuinely guided by this course. We were guided to the heights around us, and the energetic resonances we can draw on there, and this energy was grounded, in the cards, and in the no ‘BS’ attitude of Shushann, which I love. A little take-away for me is KISS. Keep it Simple Sweetheart! For our intentions, and remaining in the present tense and the witnessing. I will sing the praises of this online course, and highly recommend it to anyone wanting to nurture and express their soul.”

Dr Anna Cole

Certified Instructor Hand In Hand Parenting

“I received so much from this Soulful Woman course. Each week we were guided on a deepening journey with the assistance of specific beautiful Soulful Woman cards. Each card took us deeply into our bodies and into the centre of our very being as each week dovetailed into the next. For me this was a beautiful journey which led me closer to the Sacred Feminine and that of the Sacred Feminine within. The small intimate group of beautiful souls I journeyed with allowed me to feel safe enough to share my innermost thoughts and feelings. Shushann expertly and joyfully guided and supported us through each level which was both comforting and profound.

I would highly recommend for anyone to embark on this wonderful journey.”

Stella von Thun


“Shushann is a highly skilled facilitator,. Her deeply intuitive nature coupled with the Soulful Woman’s Guidance cards led me to an inner place of beauty and strength.”

Simone Jean Carter

“This program reminds you of the importance of accessing your own inner feminine wisdom and activate this in daily living.”

Margaret Bennett

“Thank you Shushann for guiding us with the beautiful soul women images to focus on our intentions and working through process. It was special to hear others experience and be there with each other as we went through deep meditation and connection to our deeper feminine self. The program continues as I can revisit- I am eternally grateful for this experience and recommend this as an opportunity to finding deeper truths and time for self that we all need to connect with.”

Portia Eubanks

“I love Shushann’s 1-1 Soul Path Sessions, and also took part in her women’s group. Each week Shushann sends a beautiful email featuring a different card from her oracle deck. Shushann encourages self enquiry and allows me to anchor back to my authentic self. I would recommend Shushann anyone who seeks a more grounded yet inspired and exciting life. She will open doors for you!”

Jana Lazaris

About Shushann Movsessian

M.AppSci (soc.ecol),Dipl. Process Oriented Psychology.

Shushann has a private practice in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs as an experienced, holistic psychotherapist, soul path coach/mentor, retreat facilitator and teacher. We are each a Soulful Woman. A path of soul honours our sacred feminine consciousness and strengthens our collective foundation for a sustainable future. We each have a chord that connects us to Divine feminine consciousness. This is a connection of holding, embracing and instilling within each of us a consciousness of compassion, joy and wisdom. This wisdom is the knowing that everything comes from within. Our deepest purpose emerges from our soul path.

Over the last 28 years Shushann’s work has been about supporting and empowering women and men to create a greater balance in the expression of divine feminine energies in the their lives. Her training and experience draws on western psychology, a deep immersion in sacred feminine consciousness, eastern spiritual philosophy, mysticism and mind/body healing.

Shushann offers face to face, phone, Zoom and Skype sessions for holistic counselling, soul life coaching and supervision.

Your Investment

$330 for 5 Weeks


  • Weekly meditations and sacred practice exercises coming into your inbox.
  • Weekly Zoom meetings for deepening embodied meditations and support on your soul purpose.
  • Exclusive Facebook Group for shared discussions, deepening intentions and integrating the teachings collaboratively.

Cancellation Policy:
If a participant wishes to cancel their registration for the online program, they may do so at least 7 days prior to course commencement wherein a Notice of cancellation must be provided in writing (to This will entitle the participant to have their payment credited towards any future online programs or private sessions with Shushann Movsessian.  If a participant cancels a program and books a future program or session which is at a higher fee schedule, they agree to pay Shushann Movsessian the difference between the cost of the cancelled program and any future program or session.  Program fee will be forfeited for a Notice of cancellation sent less than 7 days prior to course commencement.