Time of the Moonflower

The term “Dark Night of the Soul” was first coined by the mystic St John of the Cross and refers to those times in our lives when we feel stuck, empty, stressed, confused or traumatised. Our usual attempts to shift or solve problems during these times doesn’t seem to work, drawing us deeper into the realm of soul where we must discover untapped resources we didn’t know we had. During these times, we are asked to surrender what we think we know or should be doing and open up to something greater than ourselves.

The Dark Night journey has been experienced and understood by mystics, spiritual seekers, shamans, pilgrims, artists, healers and people of all kinds throughout history. Perhaps you’ve had your own dark night experience that has changed your life forever, or perhaps it has left you feeling disturbed, overwhelmed or wondering why you had to go through this experience. How do you find meaning and wisdom from these tough times? How do you find peace and healing after a Dark Night of the Soul that has gone on for months or years?

The Moonflower as a Symbol of Blossoming in Dark Times

moonflower2The beautiful and enchanting Moonflower is a nightflower that needs the dark to grow and blossom. Like other nightflowers, it uses the creatures of the night, such as moths and bats, to help with pollination. It is such a wonderful symbol for the growth potential of our soul and personality when we are faced with challenging and difficult periods in our lives.

We each have our own Moonflower story and may have grown and transformed from a dark time. Or we may have shut down and retreated from life. The future of our life often depends on what we do on our dark night journey. It can either leave us either feeling lost and debilitated, or it can activate previously unknown powers and resources in us.

Common Questions People Ask About the Dark Night Experience:

  • How do you navigate your dark night journey while having a busy life and earning a living?
  • How do you transform painful experiences into the alchemical gold of a renewed soul life?
  • How can a dark night experience leave you empowered and energised rather than defeated?

Shushann Movsessian works in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs as a therapist, coach, workshop facilitator and women’s retreat leader. She has been in  private practice for the past twenty-five year and is the author of Puberty Girl.

Shushann has a personal and professional interest in spirituality and psychology, and in particular, how to find meaning and healing during life’s tough times. She has come to appreciate these times as powerful turning points, ultimately leading to a renewed vision of life and to what’s truly important.

Gemma Summers is a Sydney-based therapist, workshop facilitator, coach and author.


Why Join Our Dark Night of the Soul Journey?

The Dark Night is a magnificent opportunity to change your life and expand into the fullness of your own night blooming flower—your own creative gifts and soul power. It’s an opportunity to practice following your soul wisdom and to work with the cycles of life that have been understood since time immemorial: birth, maturation, death, rebirth and renewal.

“There are times when we’re faced with a major curve ball in life that we don’t seem to be able to transcend. We may be left feeling that we’re out of control – it certainly feels true from an ego perspective. From a soul perspective, we are being called to open up and surrender to something greater and to expand who we thought we were.”

Whether through loss, illness, conflict or trauma, past or present, these passages mark a time of metamorphosis and growth. Drawing on the tools and guidance offered through this program, you have an opportunity for profound healing and deep change. With these tools, the Dark Night becomes an opportunity to expand your consciousness and can lead to profound breakthroughs, deepening of inner resources and forging of spiritual power.

Thank you so much for a wonderful program, travelling into the depths and unraveling the dark night journey. You have provided a wonderful safe space to open our souls. You are both highly evolved teachers. Bless you both.” (Rose)During our program we will:
Arrow - BlueShare the research and knowledge we’ve gathered on what mystics and saints say throughout history about the dark night and how to use this in your own life.
Arrow - BlueReveal the classic mistakes many people make during the dark night and how to avoid them.
Arrow - BlueUse myth and archetypes in a relevant, modern way to aid our understanding of the sacredness of the dark night journey.
Arrow - BlueOffer a process of releasing resistance to and purifying what has been stuck in the shadows of your own dark night experience, liberating it for use in your life.
Arrow - BlueTeach practices and tools to help you cultivate resilience and tap into inner your guidance during these darker times.
Arrow - BlueGuide you to embrace the wisdom, grace and strength of your true soul nature when the dark night strikes.“Thanks dear Shushann for our work together and your support whilst I’ve been listening to these valuable audios. I’ve been listening to them again and again. Each time with new insights into my life. ” (Peta)

A beautiful experience and journey. The flow of the program was just right. Very powerful and grounding. A big thank you to Shushann and Gemma.” (Yvette)

You can download our recorded program as an Mp3 and listen to it at your own pace.

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