The Gold Tent

We welcome all women to this audio program who long to feel inspired about the menopausal transition. Nature has saved the best for last in terms of rewiring us for wisdom, joy, freedom and power.

In this two-part series, we offer women an opportunity to discover menopause as a mystical journey of metamorphosis and rebirth. The menopausal journey is rarely spoken of as a sacred, life-renewing and restorative passage, but more of an embarrassing medical condition that’s best not mentioned.

In a society where women’s ageing is seen as something to be feared, it’s no wonder many women feel confused and frustrated during the menopausal transition. But in fact, menopause is a time when we need to connect with others on the journey and affirm our worth and wisdom, as well as share our discoveries.

In the Gold Tent we leave behind the silence and uncover the amazing truth of this liberating process. We reclaim ourselves as mature women at the height of our powers and speak about the spiritual meaning of menopause and the new life it brings.

The Gold Tent is for women who have passed through the menstruating/mothering phase of life and now want to explore the next stage of their womanhood. Like all significant life passages, menopause involves an initiation process of death and release, before restoration and rebirth can occur.

In many indigenous cultures throughout the world post-menopausal women are traditionally viewed as community leaders with considerable power and status. For these earth-based societies with their close ties to nature, the menopausal woman was someone who had full access to her spiritual and healing powers. Her life-giving menstrual blood was now “held within,” giving her access to higher wisdom.

Who is the Gold Tent for?

  • Women who are in the menopausal spectrum, from peri-menopause to post-menopause. This usually occurs between the ages of forty-five to fifty-five.
  • Women who have experienced a sudden or early menopause due to illness, surgery or other factors. Some women encounter menopause in their thirties or even younger.
  • Women who haven’t had a period for many years and are now on the other side of the Great Transition—that is, the post-menopausal woman.
  • Younger women who want to know what’s up ahead for them and learn from their older sisters. Knowledge is power.

Your Guides on the Gold Tent Journey

Shushann has been leading women on journeys of change for the last 25 years through Women’s Retreats, City Soul Spas, Meditation Circles, Soul Coaching, Audio Programs and blogs.

On the Gold Tent Audio series she works with Gemma Summers. Both are experienced, mature-aged counsellors and psychotherapists, as well as writers and teachers on women’s psychology and spirituality.

In their own words: “We see menopause as the Mother of All Transitions, the crowning achievement of a woman’s physiological, emotional and spiritual transformation that she undergoes as part of her sacred life cycle.

Shushann:My menopause journey has been a wild roller-coaster of emotional and physical symptoms. It’s not been for the faint-hearted. But it has deepened my capacity for holding, self-love and surrender to a process far greater than myself. It has brought me into direct and regular communication with the Divine. I feel more confident, inspired and passionate about life than I have ever felt. Moving through life without the angst of being approved of or accepted has been a liberating and joyful experience. The inner critic has diminished greatly and in her place I’ve found a wise, luscious woman who has great spaciousness and love to offer the world.”

Shushann has a life long personal and professional interest in spirituality and psychology. She has been on her own menopausal journey that has involved psychic death and rebirth. She wants to give this powerful time of transition in a woman’s life the honour and recognition it deserves and share this with other women.

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