The 7-Day Lakshmi Home Retreat Online Program


WELCOME to the Feminine Path of Abundance and Success.

Have you managed to create the things that bring you joy, peace, security and contentment in your life?

Have you managed to create the shifts you’ve been striving for?

Maybe you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed from all the energy you’ve put into things without them moving very far? Perhaps you’ve really wanted to take time to get away for retreat but just haven’t been able to get there or weren’t sure which one to go to?

We’d like to invite you on a sacred journey, a journey of discovering the Feminine Path of Abundance. You can put away the lists and action plans and stop forcing your dreams to (hopefully) come true through effort and will. It’s time to open up to Manifesting from the Awakened Feminine, a gentle process of relaxing into your abundance, expanding effortlessly into your dreams, and allowing life to bring you what you most need and want.

The beautiful part of this is that you can experience all this in the comfort of your own home and in your own time.

Our Retreat Journey

We’ve designed this very special home retreat as an online program for all you beautiful women who, despite your best intentions, have just not been able to get away.

Our 7-Day Lakshmi Home Retreat has been planned with all the elements of entering sacred space and sacred practice, within the ease and privacy of your own home. This is your personal and intimate retreat experience, one where you learn to call in the gifts and powers of Goddess Lakshmi’s Abundance and Enduring Benevolence.

Our 7-Day Lakshmi Home Retreat has been created to assist you in finding your way to a life of greater ease, contentment and fulfilment. Some of the transformational ideas and practices you’ll receive on your retreat include:

  • The Lakshmi Resonance: Connecting and aligning yourself to an infinite field of abundance that deeply nourishes and energises your feminine magnetising powers.
  • Sacred Release: The importance of releasing what’s in the way of your heart’s desires and how to do this easily and effortlessly.
  • Formless Receiving: How to give up the lists and effort and allow the universe to bring you what you need.
  • The Infinity Loop of Giving and Receiving: How getting the balance right between giving and receiving is your best and wisest path to prosperity and wellbeing.
  • Wiring Yourself for Abundance and Contentment: Practices to gently train your heart and brain to attract and enjoy more satisfaction and fullfillment in your life.

Your 7-Day Online Lakshmi Home Retreat Starts Now

Your home retreat has been designed to invoke Abundant Lakshmi Consciousness in your life, even with all its busy demands. This online retreat consists of three audio recordings with Gemma and Shushann, plus daily emails over 7 days that include inspiration, guidance and reflective questions to support you throughout your journey.

You can start anytime—whatever works best for you. You can start right now. Simply purchase your Home Retreat through the Buy Now Button below.


Who is Goddess Lakshmi?

Lakshmi is a Divine Feminine symbol of inner and outer abundance, wealth and prosperity. She is a Goddess who teaches us how to receive what we need and how to bring success and contentment into our life.

Beautiful Lakshmi sits on a lotus throne, dressed in golden jewels. Her benevolent eyes are filled with compassion and from her outstretched palms pours a never-ending flow of gold coins. As a Divine Mother, she bestows abundance on all her blessed children and you are one of them.

Lakshmi is here for us to call upon whenever we’re ready to magnetise into our life that which we seek. She is a reminder for all women to start putting themselves first and to open up to the flow of abundance and receive.

Who Does Our Lakshmi Home Retreat?

Women from all over the world and all walks of life, ages, cultures and spiritual traditions enjoy our home retreat. They value their soul journey and are awakening daily to their inner wisdom and guidance. They understand the importance of self-care and self-love and seek to follow their own unique calling and creativity.

We invite you to partake of the supportive guidance and sacred knowledge we offer through our 7-day online home retreat program. Using Lakshmi as our inspiration, we’ll be sharing gentle practices and inspirational knowledge, allowing you to experience the gift of retreat, in your own time and space. What a blessing to create this in your own home. Once you sign up, we send you all the information you need to get started.

Your Design: Our three audios and daily emails are sent to you over seven consecutive days. However there are many possible ways for you to enjoy this retreat process: one day a week for seven weeks, two long weekends, seven days in a row, one day a month. However works for you. It’s YOUR home retreat. Once you have the retreat materials saved and stored you can go at your own pace and repeat your retreat journey as often as you want.

We invite you to Relax, Resonate and Receive Now with the Lakshmi Home Retreat.

Your Home Retreat includes 3 Audio Sessions and 7 Daily Emails. Your Audios Sessions can be downloaded and saved as Mp3 files and listened to at your own pace.

Shushann and Gemma are both transpersonal psychotherapists and retreat leaders. They are teachers of women’s psychology and spirituality, blending ancient and modern, Eastern and Western approaches to soul life, personal growth and healing.

They revel in the path of the mystic and enjoy being seekers of higher consciousness, healing and growth. Their work is holistic, contemporary, well-researched and grounded.

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Our Promise to You: If you are not satisfied with this course, we will provide you with a 100% money back guarantee. No questions asked.

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