Soulful Woman Guidance Cards

The Soulful Woman Guidance Cards are inspiration for your feminine soul.  This unique and stunning deck is now available to purchase through  Amazon Books.   I hope these beautiful cards bring you great enjoyment and the intuitive guidance you may seek as part of your own soul journey.

The Soulful Woman Guidance Cards are a beautiful and original deck of 48 cards that carry soulful teachings for empowerment, self worth and manifesting from the sacred feminine.  The cards’ unique teachings are drawn from my own soul searching, life challenges and commitment to personal growth.  All the cards have original artworks from 26 intuitive and mystical, female artists who share my passion for women’s spirituality.

Soulful Woman Guidance Cards – Personal Reading

My work with the Soulful Woman Guidance Cards draws on women’s sacred psychology and spirituality. The artwork on the cards draw on the symbolic power of feminine archetypes and how we can work with these in our daily lives.

Each of the artworks and readings act as MESSENGERS and SOUL PROMPTS connecting you to your own intuition and inner authority. They are designed to align your resonance to your own inner stability, abundance and wisdom no matter what’s happening in the world outside.

Working with the cards isn’t about readings or divination about the future, but to help you connect to your own truth and gently shed light on areas where you may feel blocked or unclear. The Soulful Woman cards teach us about immersing ourselves in the work of the Deep Feminine, to relax into life’s flow and trust in divine timing.

Love and Blessings Shushann

Praise for my Soulful Woman Guidance Cards Workshops

Attending the Soulful Woman Card workshop was a lovely way to discover  more about these beautiful cards. We got to feel the cards and experience their magic within the group. It was a beautiful afternoon of sharing and  connecting with women. As each woman spoke about the card she chose we all got to share in the beauty, meaning and wisdom of the moment.  I really loved attending this workshop and I really love the Soulful Woman Cards. Thank you so much.

Amber Pike

I regularly use the Soulful Woman Guidance  Cards now….one in particular, has become a morning prayer for me.  I find the wisdom contained in these cards subtly prompts me to honour  and trust my own deep and ancient wisdom within me. When life’s challenges come my way I use my “cards” as a valuable resource .

Michelle M

The wisdom in these cards is both calming and restorative. I greatly recommend the Soulful Woman Empowerment workshop. It proved a safe environment for women of similar interest to come together share some of their story and learn how to use these valuable cards in the most appropriate way that will be unique to each person.

Pia Brady


Interview with Mel Dee – A Soulful POW WOW

My latest interview with the ebullient Mel Dee of PowerFm. Wonderful to be speaking about the importance of nurturing a soul path in the turmoil of mainstream media.  For most women, finding the time to reflect inwards to hear that very important inner voice is often hard within our busy lives. With kids underfoot, a busy job and life’s other challenges Mel Dee thinks she’s found the solution! It comes in the form of a beautiful deck of cards created by myself and Gemma Summers, “Soulful Woman” Guidance Cards are an easy way to connect with your feminine self daily. Click here to listen to the interview.

Interview with the Radio Shack – People Pleasing Burnout

My  interview with the fabulous Jane Donavan on her live New York Radio Show, How do we as women get over the over accommodating and people pleasing burn out many of us can experience?  Listen in on Jane’s Love Shack.