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My audio programs and talks have grown out of talks, workshops and retreats  I have offered over many years. They have been designed with a specific focus on nurturing, honouring and empowering the feminine.

The teachings in my audios offer a grounded psychological perspective with spiritual consciousness. Each audio program contains guided meditations and practical tools that are a good foundation for women and men seeking understanding and support in the areas of transformation and life transition.

My audio programs are also a wonderful teaching resource and support tool for psychotherapists, counsellors, psychologists, social workers, healers, massage therapists, healthcare professionals and allied health professionals.

Butterfly Elena Ray

5 Ways to Heal from Betrayal

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Soulful Woman Guidance Cards Inspiration for Your Soul

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Time of the Moonflower: Expanding Our Consciousness through the Dark Night of the Soul

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The Gold Tent

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The 7-Day Lakshmi Home Retreat Online Program

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Soul Life Coaching

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Kiss of Kali Workshop
10th March 2018

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Silvia Ji - Sleeper copy 2

Soulful Woman Online Course

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Free Report 8 Keys for Living from Wellness

Shushann’s Online Article

Our wellness is the foundation from which we feel the power of our creative magnetisation –be it for a relationship, finding a new home or work. My article offers essential keys for a holistic approach to wellness – not just physically but wellness coming from a deep and fulfilling expression of our souls.

“Through our beliefs we hold the gift of the single most powerful force in the universe: the ability to change our lives, our bodies, and our world by choice.” – Gregg Braden,  ‘The Spontaneous Healing of Belief’.

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