Recovering From Betrayal Book

About the book

Recovering from Betrayal is a book of compassion and meaning making, as well as a firm and powerful tool in guiding you out of the overwhelming pain that can be experienced from a betrayal.

In very accessible and soulful language, Shushann offers you 8 keys that offer thoughtful and practical tools and exercises that slowly lead you back onto a path of trust, self care, healing and recovery. For some people, betrayal can feel like a death, not just in a relationship, but an inner death of an aspect of ourselves.

Recovering from Betrayal offers solace and comfort to move through the path of our loss and despair and find resurrection to our wholeness, our strength and self-worth.


“Shushann Movsessian has written a very empowering book that I found easy to follow and certainly full of marvellous advice. Well set out and in a language I could understand, it was able to walk me through the steps to help me get over the betrayal I had experienced. It is very practical with good exercises for me to do – thank you.”   Shushann. (Fee Osh)

“I absolutely loved this book. Beautifully written, it contains both profound spiritual truths and practical advice. Recovering from betrayal is such an important topic and Shushan tackles it in a powerful and heartfelt way that really resonated with me. Highly recommended.”  (Graeme Myburgh)