Cultivating a balanced life that honours the feminine is a journey of awakening and an act of feminism. Feminism of the Soul. Our organisations and institutions tend to be steeped in masculine consciousness which is goal driven and action oriented.  We may barely reach one goal, before leaping to the next thing on our ‘to do’ list.

This is what is equated in the mainstream with being powerful, in control and with purpose. It is an act of feminism to embrace a lifestyle that respects stillness and reflection. It honours the need of mind, body soul integration that is part of our holistic health. It requires us to step out of the mainstream grind of constant engagement, activity and production.

Power in Receptive Presence

Feminine consciousness has power in receptive presence and releasing control. It is about drawing in, holding and mental surrender.  Being in the flow and allowing ourselves to surrender may sound flakey to some. However this is a surrender to presence, to the moment and to conscious shifts in energy where the best action may be inaction. Where we recognise that constant pushing doesn’t always gets results and we need to relinquish our will to a greater Will.  Surrender creates an opening in our consciousness for the Divine, for meaning and purpose beyond the limits of our ego attachments.

Our feminine consciousness exerts its power through attraction rather than activity.                     (Marianne Williamson)

Feminism of the Soul

Feminine consciousness is subtle and energetic, it is often experienced through our senses, our dreams, our feelings and inner knowing. It requires time and space to tune into our heart intelligence, to recognise the quiet inner voice of guidance within.  It holds radical trust that shifts are still occurring even though they may not be visible externally.  They are internal and have their own alchemy in the cycling of creativity that honours birth, death and renewal.

Our feminine consciousness is a precious resource for healing, creativity and abundance. How do we cultivate this in our lives? I believe it calls for us to fall in love with our awakened feminine self and to make conscious choices to dwell in this space.

Three Keys for Aligning with Your Feminine Consciousness
1. Dwelling in Passivity
The awakened feminine invites us to turn in, to surrender and to dwell in passivity for restoration and as an opening to our inner guidance. For both women and men, conscious passivity is a necessary part of quieting the mind, calming our adrenals and recharging our soul energies. It is a deeply feminine process for magnetising, drawing in and receptivity to Divine will.

Passive energy has a strength of presence. Our personal power deepens through our ability to hold passive presence.

 2. Receiving
Receiving is about consciously filling up what has been emptied or depleted. We can feel this particularly around our hearts as women. When we start nurturing our heart energies and feeling satiated, there is a natural flow on to those around us, it is the foundation of our abundance. Our task is to discover what really nurtures us on a soul level and practice that regularly. Opening our arms in gratitude for all that we receive, no matter how small, is an act of sanctity.

There is great humility in receiving.

3. Falling in Love with Your Feminine Self
Falling in love with our inner feminine includes time out from the mainstream and tuning into our own stream.  This includes honouring the unknown. We can be addicted to always having to know what is next. This takes us away from the present moment and accepting what is. The unknown is part of the great mystery from which things can open and flow beyond our knowing.  When we collectively invoke the sacred feminine in our lives we create a channel that makes it easier for that energy to show up in the world.  

Soul Space Tip:  Create a special love space in your home that is honouring of your awakened feminine self. This includes things that are special to you; flowers, pieces from nature, poetry, prayers, beautiful images that hold special meaning for you. Use this space for your meditations or you may simply bow your namaste whenever you pass it as an act of honouring the grace of your feminine soul.

Love and Blessings

Shushann xx


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