Holistic Psychotherapy

and Soul Coaching

As a holistic psychotherapist, I draw on western psychological practices and eastern approaches to health and healing that integrate mind, body and spirit for individuals as well as couples. Learn more.

How is what I do different from talk therapy?

I support my clients to drop from the ideas in their mind and into their direct experience of ‘this moment’ in their body. Learn more

8 Keys For Living Your Wellness

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The Swing Between Guilt and Resentment

The Swing Between Guilt and Resentment

All those who care for children, elderly or unwell family members know too well that this can be a 24/7 job that is mostly unpaid and has no sick leave or holidays. Being a carer can involve shopping, housekeeping, providing transportation, feeding, bathing, toilet...

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Staying Connected As A Couple

Staying Connected As A Couple

Does Your Stress Interfere With Your Couple Connection? There are so many stressors in our life these days. With the internet linking us to the world wide web, we can be addressing financial issues, work commitments, project management and career initiatives 24/7. ...

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Why Asking  ‘Why Me?’ Is The Wrong Question

Why Asking ‘Why Me?’ Is The Wrong Question

Many clients that I work with, if not most, are on their own journey of evolving consciousness, of learning to embrace both the exquisiteness and fallibility of being human.  The questions that I ask them during our sessions come from wanting my clients to know that...

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